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Design Professional of the Day La Tour Design, Interior Designer

Design Professional of the Day
La Tour Design

At LA TOUR DESIGN, Nathalie Ducrest works with only one client at a time. Since 2003, she has dedicated her undivided attention to single projects resulting in one-of-a-kind interiors that truly reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles. Nathalie selects furniture, accessories, fabrics, colors, and textures with an extraordinary eye for detail. Contrasting styles are blended together, inherited objects and treasured belongings are thoughtfully incorporated, and pieces are customized for a unique look.
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Baur Interior Design

Interior Designer

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This 1920s Hamptons Cottage is Home to a Family of Artists
HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens)

The Hamptons getaway of artist Karin Waisman and her husband, architect Carlos Brillembourg, serves a dual purpose: not only does it offer a serene respite from hectic city workweeks, but it’s also an outlet for their respective creative pursuits. It didn’t pop up overnight, however. The story of the house and the couple’s partnership... Read more

Contributor Spotlight
Design Milk

Ready for your daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)? An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world. Drink up!
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