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Design Professional of the Day b+g design, Interior Designer

Design Professional of the Day
b+g design

b+g design inc. creates bold yet livable interiors that truly enhance their client’s lives. The award-winning husband and wife team of Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor provide personalized service along with cutting-edge style. They pride themselves on turning their client’s dreams & wishes into beautiful, comfortable, functional spaces.
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Professional Spotlight
Cristina Dos Santos

Interior Designer
New York, NY
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Featured Story
Circle Time
McGrath II

One of the things Suzanne likes to remind our clients when they start veering off into what we like to call “right angle land” is that the most interesting rooms are ones that include a variety of different shapes; from rectangles and squares to circles and octagons, spaces that embrace a variety of forms are typically the most successful. One... Read more

Contributor Spotlight
Carini Lang

A walk through the Carini Lang showroom is enough to broaden anyone’s perception of the word “art.” Joseph Carini, designer and creative force behind the company, weaves artistry and passion into every fiber of the rugs at Carini Lang.
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