Lattice Coffee Table

Starting at $3,450

Product Specifications

Varying Heights and Diameters
USA - NY - New York City
Furniture, Tables, Coffee and Cocktail Tables
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0-3 Weeks
Hand Carved Blacknut

Product Description

Hand carved in West Africa, using centuries old techniques, this stool is produced by the royal family of the Bamun tribe in Cameroon. Carved from the trunks of coffee shade trees which are brought down by the carvers at the request of the farmers when they become over grown, this stool brings artisans and agriculture together to enrich one another. Seeking a more modern approach to the original Spider’s Nest table, Tucker worked with the carvers to create a more minimalist version. The pattern speaks of the web the female mother spider wove that caught creation.

Custom finishes are available upon request.

Size D 22”- 28”Dia: $3,450
Size E 29”- 33”Dia: $4,395
Size F 34”- 38” Dia: $4,710
Size G 39”- 42” Dia: $9,450

Materials: Hand Carved Blacknut

Available material options

  • Ebonized
    Coffee_size c_lattice

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